Building Construction Audits

Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, being aware of your building's condition is hugely important. A building condition audit is a powerful tool that can be used to draw attention to, amongst others, structural, energy or envelope related issues. Building Audits are instrumental in prioritizing upgrades as well as assisting with evaluating whether buildings have reached the end of their life cycles. They are also the blueprint for next steps in the process, whether it be renovating or rebuilding.

If you are anticipating upgrades and your building is not up to code, you need to know. This means you need a detailed audit that clearly outlines what needs to be done. Halex Architecture can coordinate thorough and comprehensive audits of buildings of all sizes.

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How Does The Audit Work

TThe Building's Overall Condition

We work with a team of consultants who are experienced in assessing the condition and serviceability of existing structures and the systems within it. Buildings are the largest consumers of energy on earth and standards are justifiably getting more stringent. We'll help put this all in perspective.

Its Current Capacity

No older building meets todays Building Code requirements but what changes or actions will trigger upgrades and will they be affordable?

Its Level Of Functionality

Is your building still able to fulfill its assigned purpose? programmatically? Physically? And for how much longer?

Its Service Life Or Predicted Lifespan

No building lasts forever, so we examine your building's current state and make an assessment as to how much longer it can continue to serve its purpose. We'll help evaluate whether the life cycle costing of the building is prohibitively expensive so you can e valuate alternatives.

Information Is A Valuable Tool

A building condition audit is an essential part of owning and planning for buildings. By being aware of the circumstances and status, you can make decisions that affect your bottom line, both currently and in the future.

Halex Architecture and our team can provide the information you'll need to make important decisions about the condition, lifespan and costs of your property.

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