About Kent Halex Architecture: Architecture Firm Servicing Vancouver and The Lower Mainland

Kent Halex Architecture is a multidisciplinary Architecture practice with over 33 years of design experience. We offer a personal, hands-on approach for a myriad of architectural and design needs with extensive experience in all types of residential, commercial and institutional architecture and development. Our team has administered to the planning, design and construction stages of projects in Vancouver, and north west Washington. The results are distinguished and elegant modern and contemporary designs that are as practical as they are visually appealing.

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Committed To A Holistic ExperienceFrom Design Through To Contract Administration

Our built environment is growing at an unprecedented rate and the rules can be complicated. Let us help. Our goal is to provide design and architectural solutions that enhance the everyday lives of the organizations and individuals in Vancouver or wherever we can serve your needs. Through a creative and methodical approach Kent Halex Architecture works collaboratively throughout the entire process from inception to completion. Our team's experience and ability can help manage the challenges and demands of a constantly evolving market.

Benefits of Complete Architectural Services

We cover everything, from needs assessment and site analysis; to design, permits and construction management. Kent Halex Architecture has a proven track record for developing customized strategies through active collaboration with clients, consultants and construction professionals in Vancouver and the lower mainland..

Some of our services include:

Maximize Productivity And Efficiency:

We believe in working smart. That means effectively and efficiently. Effective means getting it right the first time, efficient means working quickly and accomplishing tasks in a timely fashion. We understand budgets, labour costs and zoning processes and how to accommodate for them in the process. This saves the client time and money.

Develop Preventitive Solutions

We work from experience and practice which helps with foreseeing potential complications. Hiring a licensed professional provides that extra level of assurance .

Analyze Building Needs

Architecture is about far more than plans and elevations. A lot of knowledge, ingenuity and foresight goes into creating projects and getting them built. We specialize in whole process coordination and problem solving .

A Team of Architectural Professionals

Each member of our qualified staff regularly attend industry conferences and trade shows so they can be up to date on the latest bylaws, codes, trends and techniques

Building Adaptive Reuse

It doesn't always make sense to tear it down. Consult with us at the early stages to determine the best approach. Many buildings are worthy of preservation, whether they have historic significance or not, This can often be more cost effective and keeps tons of building materials out of land fills.

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