Schematic Design: Vancouver, Burnaby And Richmond

When working with an architect, the first step is to meet with them and discuss your vision for the project. With Kent Halex Architecture, this step involves an quantifying your goals and needs for the building, two essential factors in determining how the rest of the project will proceed.

Once that has been completed, the next step is to create a schematic design, which is the first opportunity you will have to see your vision translated into something tangible. We present these preliminary ideas to you in an informal sketch format that facilitates further discussion and exploration of ideas.

What is Schematic Design?:

Schematic design is part of the preliminary planning process, and takes place after you have met with a member of our team to discuss your project. During this phase, we create hand coloured renderings of the proposed building, giving you a sense of how it will appear and how it will fit into the existing landscape.

The schematic design will also allow you to see how we have interpreted your vision, and allow you to make any changes to the design before we move forward with the next step.

Kent Halex Architecture 3D Rendering

The Experience We Provide

As with the inception phase, the schematic designs Kent Halex Architecture produces are an essential part of the architectural process. Not only does it present itself as the first chance to see how your proposed building will look, but it gives you a sense of how it holds up to the image you had in your mind.

Once the design has been created for you, we are also able to reassess the cost of the project, given the dimensions and complexity of the structure. Good design comes from the ability to find the perfect combination of numerous factors, spanning budget, environment and architectural vision. With a schematic design, you can begin to see this process in action.

One of the comments we often receive from our clients is how working with us is has been a pleasant and educational experience. We believe that the project should be the least stressful experience possible. At Halex Architecture it's about the journey as much as the final product. With that in mind the project will exceed your expectations.

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