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We recommend where possible to have the Contractor be signed on at the inception of a project so the entire project team is assembled and supporting the goals of the project from the get-go. On public projects or larger construction jobs the Contractor is often chosen through a more complicated competitive bidding process.

While the decision of which company to choose is ultimately yours, having the oversight and advice of experienced professionals is invaluable.

How Does The Bidding Process Work?

If your project is being competitively bid the bidding and negotiation is a two-step process which, as the name suggests, begins with candidate builders submitting their quotes. At the end of the bidding phase, you will contract with a licensed and insured builder that will see to the construction of your project. Before that however, you need to find the company.

The bidding process is straightforward: construction companies around Vancouver will review all the relevant information about your project, and then submit themselves as ideal candidates or be invited to see the project through. While going over the bids, it is important to not settle for the company which is offering the lowest price, but rather for the one that has the strongest history of satisfied clients and a list of completed works that displays a dedication to quality at all times.

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What Does Negotiation Involve?

After selecting the company that best matches your vision, budget and goals, it is time to negotiate their contract. During the negotiation, you are able to discuss the project with the construction company, working out the finer details of the contract in an attempt to secure the best possible deal for their services.

Negotiation can be stressful; not everyone possesses this skill, which is why having a member of our team involved can be enormously helpful. The negotiation process is something we are familiar with, so we can work alongside you to create a contract that suits your budget and places your needs first.

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How Do You Choose The Right Vancouver Builder?

Choosing the right company to complete your project involves multiple considerations. We can often suggest a builder to you that we have experience with as honest, forthright and professional. We have extensive experience over many years working as architects with the right builders in Vancouver.

The decision is entirely in your hands, but our experience will likely help provide insight into the benefits and experience of various companies in order to provide you with the best fit.

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