Architectural Programming

Every project has a starting point, where interested parties come together to talk about what needs to be done in order to complete the necessary work. In architecture, everything begins with the programming stage. Before a design is drafted, before materials are decided on, sometimes even before a site is chosen, the architect sits down with the client to go over what needs the building will be serving, how the spaces will relate, what size and volume will the spaces occupy, and how the process will be orchestrated to move the project forward..

Kent Halex Architecture has a strong track record of designing dynamic buildings for a diverse clientele. We are well equipped to handle this phase, as well as any others in the design process.

Importance Of Programming in The Design Process

At Kent Halex Architecture, we find it helpful to picture programming as a conversation between two parties, where both can learn something from the other. As the architects, we learn about the client's goals and vision for the project, ranging from more general information like the number of rooms and floors, to more specific, qualitative details like how to capture light. This information helps generate the soul of a building.

Kent Halex Architecture 3D Rendering

Programming As A VitalStepping Stone

The Programming phase of a project not only establishes the quantitative aspects of a building but it lays the groundwork for the qualitative. This is where the Architect and the client learn about and come to understand each others values and intentions, and where the trust is cemented that carries the team through to project.

The information collected through this effort also helps to verify the budgetary goals and expectations for the project. Expectations for calibre of construction and finish need to be clearly understood early in the process.