Site Selection in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby Or The North Shore

Site selection is one of the most exciting phases in an architectural project, because it involves the scouting of locations and the decision of where to construct a building.

Site selection requires a careful examination of different criteria, factoring in many considerations beyond aesthetic appeal. These can include exposure, views, light, prevailing weather, topography and drainage. As a result, you need to be fully confident in the skills of your architecture firm because, as the saying goes, location is everything.

Where To Build

Halex architecture has participated with many of our clients in their search for the ideal site for their needs. We provide as a service to our clients visits to potential sites being considered and a thorough discussion of the advantages and drawbacks. Our clients find this feedback invaluable when considering which sites to purchase.

Halex architecture also works with local realtors to help their clients determine the potential of sites and structures.

Kent Halex Architecture 3D Rendering