Interior Design Services

Your home should fill you with a sense of calm. It should be a relaxing space where you can unwind, entertain and create memories. A home is likely the biggest investment you will make during your lifetime, so why settle for something that is anything short of perfect?

At Halex Architecture, we view Vancouver homes as blank canvases—they are fully customizable structures that can be moulded to fit your specific tastes. While we design the building itself with all the attendant detail related to the structure we also have a vision for the permanent fit and finish of the spaces to extend this vision we work with a group of talented local interior design professionals.

Professional Interior Designers

Halex Architecture regularly works with a roster of the most committed and talented Interior Designers in Vancouver. Our ongoing working relationship with these designers ensures that their talents meld seamlessly with our vision and your sensibilities. We are happy to recommend the right designer for your project that will respect your style and budget.

Kent Halex Architecture 3D Rendering